Trailer Reveal

Jezebel is *almost* complete. While she’s functional and worked wonderfully for our camping trip at the beginning of August, there are a number of things I would still like fixed/updated/changed. However, if I wait to post pictures until her to-do list is complete, I likely won’t be posting pictures until sometime next year. So, here she is.

Basically, everything inside the trailer needed to be rebuilt. From the ceiling and walls to all the interior fixtures. While we did lose some storage space with the removal of the upper cubbies, we gained headroom and obtained a much more airy feel. Since the previous wood paneling was dark and dingy looking, I opted to paint the entire interior white.

Peel and stick laminate plank flooring was installed over a new subfloor. I sewed new curtains from a funky print fabric and spray-painted the existing curtain rods with a brushed nickel finish to match the appliances and faucet. We reused all the existing interior lights but replaced the outlet covers and switchplates with white ones.

On the right-hand side, where there was previously a pull-out couch/bed, we repurposed an old futon from our shed in the interest of saving time and reducing cost. It’s no less comfortable for sleeping than the previous set-up, and can easily be removed if we decide to build a permanent couch or bed in the future.

In the kitchen area, Matt rebuilt the kitchen cabinet from scratch, using repurposed cabinet doors from an old entertainment centre that I upcycled last year. He reused the existing sink, but installed a new faucet, and built a custom wood countertop. He also made a custom cabinet above the counter which I painted using chalkboard paint. The propane cooktop was not reinstalled, as we decided that we would likely be cooking outside most of the time. And, let’s face it, it’s not like I cook anyway. Matt also built in the electric fridge and microwave after reinstalling all of the electrical wiring throughout the trailer.

Matt rebuilt the dining area benches, but in the interest of time, opted to reuse the existing ugly old formica tabletop–replacing it is on the to-do list for future improvements. The table uses a swing mechanism to fold down flush with the benches and form a bed. I had new cushions custom made, which was more expensive than anticipated, but at least they’re clean and new and don’t reek of cigarette smoke as the previous ones did.

The “bathroom” was made a little wider to accommodate a new portable self-contained toilet. We reused the existing bathroom door which has the original trailer information sheet affixed to it. I repurposed a curbside mirror and reused the existing toilet paper holder and door hardware.

While it may take us a bit to complete the rest of her to-do list, she’s functional, leakproof, and works well in the driveway for teenage sleepovers.