Sample Writings

HR Audit

HR compliance and navigating legislation can be challenging. Here’s a sample audit report detailing compliance issues at a food processing plant.

Return to Work Policy

An Early and Safe Return to Work Program is designed to assist injured and ill employees to make an early and safe return to their regular duties. Here’s a sample policy that was written for an automotive manufacturing company.

The “Shed”

In the summer of 2017, I got inspired by the “she shed” trend and decided that we should convert our 10′ x 12′ shed full of junk into a functional space.

Trailer Update

At long last, we have been able to dedicate some time to getting Jezebel rebuilt, and (almost) functional.

The Face of Men’s Mental Health

When we think of mental health, we often think of extremes. However, mental health issues come in all shapes and sizes, and the chances are likely that you or someone you know has struggled with a mental health issue at some point in their lives. Statistics in Canada have been fairly consistent for the last several decades, with one in five individuals struggling with mental illness at any given time. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, widespread unemployment, social isolation, and financial struggles, the rate is only expected to increase.

Trailer Remodel

After casually looking at ads for trailers for over a year, I came across an ad for a 1978 Traveliner Rover trailer located in Windsor, ON in August of 2019.

Methods of Recourse in Ontario

It’s unfortunate that more people don’t know their rights under the law, especially when it comes to workplace situations.

HR Manager Mom

Sometimes I feel like an HR manager at home, except that unlike work, I can’t fire the people that live in my house with me—at least not easily.